Loss Assessor Insurance Claims Advisory Service

insurance claim form After an accident or major incident like a house fire, under normal circumstances an insurance claim will be initiated.

When this happens, the claimants’ insurance company will send someone called a loss adjuster to carry out an evaluation of the damages incurred as a result of a fire, flood, burglary or even storm damage.

Most people think that this loss adjuster is acting impartially on behalf of the insurance company and them.

insurance servicesHowever, the adjuster working for the insurance company can quite often overlook some items or areas of damage that may be covered by the claimant’s policy. The end result of this particular approach could potentially leave the claimant “short changed” when it comes to settling their insurance claim.

Although their job title seems similar, a loss assessor works entirely for the claimant and in their best interests.

A loss assessor will also carry out an investigation into losses. However a loss assessor will be more thorough in their approach and look for all losses and damage that has occurred as a result of an incident. This will include the damage that can been seen boiuyt also and perhaps more importantly, the damage that cannot be seen.

loss assessorsLoss assessors will also scour their client’s insurance policy to make sure that their client claims for everything they are entitled to claim for under the terms of their policy.

Should you be in the unfortunate position of having to make an insurance claim after a major catastrophe like a theft, flood, storm or fire, please contact Lyon Felton loss assessor team.

They will fight your corner to get you everything that you are entitled to claim for!