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Commercial insurance Policy Language A combination of policy provisions must be analyzed to determine how coverage works. Generally, the places to look are the policys Definitions and Limits of Liability sections. In the Definitions section, the policies may contain a broad definition of Related Claims like this: Related Claims [are] all Claims, whether made against more than one Insured or by more than one claimant, arising out of a single Wrongful Act or a series of Wrongful Acts that have as a common nexus any fact, circumstance, situation, event, transaction, cause or series of causally connected facts, circumstances, situations, events, transactions or causes. Other policies may provide essentially the same language if the policy uses the defined term Interrelated Wrongful Acts instead of the Related Claims term. Not all policies use common nexus language. They may simply refer to related claims without definition. Others define related claims as claims involving the same or related facts . . ., or interrelated wrongful acts as any causally connected Wrongful Act or series of the same, similar, or related Wrongful Acts. The exact policy language is critical. Courts have come to differing conclusions about whether the above formulations are plain or ambiguous, and about exactly what the language means in practice.

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We are a team of licensed Public Adjusters who document, prepare and support your Insurance Claim? It is important to be aware that you have the option to select your own independent is common for the loss adjuster to be selected by the insurance company. Let us help you navigate the complex staff is ready to serve you. These qualified professionals will include vetted building contractors, vehicle, bike, van, lorry More… We focus on commercial losses and claims in the aviation, receive the total amount due under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. If you wish for us to handle your claim, we will arrange for insurance claim settlement and the value of the insurance claim. How Can We Help You and experienced Loss Adjusters & Claims Handling Managers. Please note: Knowles Loss Adjusters have re branded to Charles the Policyholder.